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    Save Changes:= False property not working

    Hi All, I have written a code which uses the Save Changes: = False property of the Activeworkbook.close method. However, on running the code the user is being prompted to save the file. The code snippet looks like this: Dim w as workbook Set w = workbooks.add w.Close SaveChanges:=False I...
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    VBA code close file without saving

    I have basically three files that I'm working with to copy account data and everything is working fine, I just want to change one tiny thing, because I'm just lazy and don't want to click an extra time with the mouse :). Anyway, I have one Inventory Log (file #1) file that I start with. I run a...
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    VBA close without saving on read only file

    hello people. I am confused. I have written a macro which asks various questions of users in message boxes, then copies the results sheet to a new workbook, which is saved with a new name. So far so good. However, having saved the results, I wish to close the original questionnaire file...
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    Close form without saving the data back to the table

    I have seen this post in other threads but have not seen any real answers. If you know of one please point me in the right direction. Issue: I have a form in Access that user will enter information in and post it back to the table. Currently if the they hit the close button it posts the...

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