1. HappyChappy

    Barking up the wrong tree

    Hi is it possible I have seven wookbooks stored in numbered week folders each workbook is dated sun01.11.19 to sat07.11.19 . I need to be able to enter the folder name week 45 and each of the seven wookbooks within opened and sheet1 from each be combined into a new wookbook.
  2. A

    combine data from multiple workbooks to existing worksheet in existing workbook

    I need to combine data from multiple workbooks into an existing worksheet in an existing workbook. I have tried many solutions from past posts vba but none work. Select All rows with data starting from A6:G6 down until it hits an empty row at which point the vba will goto a different...
  3. D

    Custom Toolbar With 'Window' Open Wookbooks List Needed

    Hi I am creating a custom toolbar with some basic functions like open, save, etc. on. I need to hide the worksheet menu bar which I have done. I would like to put a toolbar icon on the custom toolbar which displays a list of the currently open workbooks similar to that found under the...

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