word automation

  1. J

    VBA to open Word and run mail merge on currently open spreadsheet

    SUMMARY: I've got a sheet of data that I need to have exported to Word via a mail merge, and this specific task happens regularly enough that I want to automate it, especially for other, not particularly tech-savvy, people who have to do this from time to time when I'm not available. Is there...
  2. E

    Text Editing VBA

    Dear community, I am pretty new to the world of VBA! I am currently working on an assignment and I would like to produce a regular report out of my analysis so that I can keep tracks of the changes. I would only like the report to look natural instead of being ckearly generated by a computer...
  3. J

    Excel to Word Automation - Help wtih scaling, fitting to page

    I have created a macro to copy and paste a range of cells from Excel into a Word document. Everything seems to be copying correctly, however the information is not scaled to fit a single page in Word (it does fit a single page in Excel.) The pasted data is much larger in Word. How can I scale...
  4. F

    Set up List into Word during or after copy text from excel

    I'm making word doc based on excel list. I'm able to copy and paste the value to word. I have also set up style: heading & color. Here is my working code: Dim wb As Workbook Dim wc As Worksheet Set wb = ActiveWorkbook Set wc = wb.Worksheets("Sheet2") Dim applWord As Word.Application Dim...
  5. D


    Hello i would like to know whether there is possibility for a textbox in a userform to rememeber the value which entered previously. For Example if i type INDIGO in textbox 1 and click on command button the value will be passed to the worksheet so next time if i type IN then the word INDIGO...
  6. S

    Pasting not working in Excel VBA

    I have a workbook which creates Word reports based on a Word template and tables in the workbook. Depending on the equipment type, it copies a range from the spreadsheet and pastes it to two bookmark locations in the word document (bmInternal and bmExternal). I tried using PasteAppendTable...
  7. B

    Creating, formatting, arranging, and grouping Drawing objects using VBA and Word

    Hello Everyone, I've gotten lots of help from these forums, but I've never needed to post before. Maybe this means I'm getting 'better' at vba because I'm attempting more ambitious projects. I feel like I've "beaten the system" whenever I figure out how to cause a computer to do some of the...
  8. A

    PasteAppendTable Error 4605 when copying from word to excel

    Hello all, I'm pretty much brand new to the world of VBA and so far, it's been an uphill battle. What I have right now is a macro in excel that will take named ranges and copy them into their own sheets (if those ranges exist), and from there prompt the user to create a word document from a...
  9. Z

    Getting embedded Excel range displayed in Word document using VBA

    In my Word document there are many embedded Excel spreadsheets. Usually these Excel embeddings are bigger than the small portion shown in Word. I don't want to mess with the whole sheet when I enter the embedded file, I need to edit only this small area which is seen in Word. I know that it is...
  10. L

    Open Excel document from same file path using Word

    I have a Word document that Opens an Excel document for Mail Merge but the directory and path changes for different people it may be X:\File or Q:\File for e.g The recorded macro I have calls a document called TEMPDATADUMP.xlsm Is there a code I can place before the text below highlighted in...
  11. jinx2013

    Importing a cell from a word table into an excel worksheet

    How can i modify the code below so it does the following: - Extract data from all the documents within a folder- Not a single file at the time. I have to process 6000 word documents.:( - Copies only the data within the cell that starts with "External References"- instead of every table within a...
  12. K

    Auto CSV to Excel to Word

    I am trying to use Excel as an interface between CSV files & Word using the 2003 version, the function of Excel being to properly format the data before import into Word. If anybody can suggest a simpler way, I would be happy to try. The process is as follows: - CSV files are updated every...
  13. E

    Return Blank if FALSE

    I am using a spreadsheet to feed a mail merge in word, and I've run into a problem: on sheet1 Column A through O contains data that I paste in from another workbook, Column P contains the following formula; =IF(NOT(ISBLANK(A2)),VLOOKUP(TRIM(A2),Sheet2!A:D,4,0),"") and is working fine. However...
  14. S

    Creating Word 2003 Macro for Variable Documents

    I am trying to create a macro that will fill out documents in Word 2003 (or Word 2007). I can do this for static documents, but am having trouble with variable documents. What I mean by this is, my comprehensive template has 61 sections, but for any one case, only 20-30 of them are...
  15. I

    Automation Error -- I Need a Guru!

    I'm having trouble creating a report, in Word, from Excel. Every other time I try to execute the macro, I get an error 426. I did a search and found someone else with the same problem: http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/showthread.php?t=124028&highlight=remote+server+machine And his problem was...

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