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  1. W

    Word Macro to Copy Cells from Excel

    Hi, I have been Googling for quite a while now, and doing that, I have seen that most macros where written and used by Excel. I want to do a macro in word that will open a specific sheet in the excel workbook and copy its contents to a ready-made word template . Can anyone help me in achieving...
  2. R

    Excel macro to call Word macro stopped working

    I would appreciate any insight as to why the following two previously working (as of December 2016) macros might now give me error #16 (from MS Word). I am using MS Office Plus Professional 2010. ============Excel Macro:=========== Option Explicit Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick _...
  3. T

    Macro to copy table from excel to word

    I am using the below code in MS Word to copy a table from excel file to word file. .................................. Private Sub Document_Open() Set wdapp = GetObject(, "Word.Application") Dim tbl As Excel.Range Dim wordoc As Word.Document Dim xlApp As Object Dim xlWB As Object Dim...
  4. S

    VBA macro to rename a word file

    I have a file saved with a name. EX: Create Project Related Purchase Order, I need to change the name (as Create_Project_Related_Purchase_Order_QRG) with underscores after every word in the file name and _QRG at the end of the file. I want to use the VBA code to do this automatically in a...
  5. S

    File Save as and pasting from clipboard in VBA macro

    Hi I have the following code which is pasting the same hard coded value every time (Test File.doc) instead of pasting from clipboard, Please help me change the code to pate from clipboard while renaming the file using save as. ChangeFileOpenDirectory "C:\Documents and...
  6. Dimmthewitted

    Word Macro for find all / select entire page / cut to new document

    Hello, I am working on a VB script to scan a large document of company statements for certain criteria and then pull each page out and paste it in a new document. I am not a VB coder and got in a bit over my head with deadlines looming. Right now the code copies and pastes a page into a new...
  7. D

    GetObject Trouble

    I am interested in pulling values from Excel into Word to automate reports. I have in the past used the GetObject function successfully and really liked the functionality. Recently our company upgraded to Office 2007 and when this happened I have not been able to get the same macros to work...

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