word table imports

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    Exporting Data to a table in MS word

    Really having trouble with this concept here. I have a range of data with varying rows and a fixed number of columns. I want to export this range to a table in MS word. This document has not been made yet. Anyone have an example I can look over?
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    Import Table from Word Document

    Hi - I've got a 91 page Word document that has 52 tables. I'm looking for an Excel macro that will open up the Word document and grab the contents of Table #32 only and paste it back into an Excel worksheet. I've searched the thread and have found out how to open the Word document as well as...
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    Excel dropping hyphens on import from word

    I am retrieving data from word tables and on some of the cells, excel is dropping the hyphen. For example, in word, the data cell is: MCC‑65‑4A M‑1332 ( Drive Room) MLP In Excel the data becomes: MCC654A M1332 (Drive Room) MLP It doesn't do it on everything. Any ideas? Below is the...

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