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    Creating pivot table or report that displays dates worked and in which section.

    Hi, I worked at a nonprofit that needs to track volunteer activity by date worked and section worked in. I cannot figure out a way to make a pivot table that would collect individual volunteer activity by date and then display the 10 dates worked and also a pivot table that would collect...
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    Need help returning second business day of the month please!

    Hey guys really frustrated. I am having trouble finding a formula to calculate the second business day of the month. I need this for the rest of my code. The closest thing I found is: Private Sub Workbook_Open() Dim lngEoM As Long lngEoM = Date-Day(Date) If Date = lngEOM +...
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    Calculate future working date and time

    My worksheet includes the ff: E11: 0.0416666666666667 (in days) --> basically, this is 1 hour F11: Start Date/Time (3/24/10 4:50PM) G11: End Date/Time What I would like to happen is to add E11 to F11 taking into account that it should only add working days and working hours (8:00AM to 5:00PM)...

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