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  1. P

    Excel 2016 Cell Fill and Font Will Not Change

    Hello. I am having issues with an Excel Workbook that I created. On a few of the pages the "Fill Color" is not appearing. However on some of the previous pages, the "Fill Color" is appearing. I have tried to correct the current pages by selecting a cell and click the fill button on the...
  2. M

    Extracción de datos numéricos de una serie de libros cerrados con nombres consecutivos hacia otro abierto

    MrExcel: He usado la sintaxis Workbook... para formar una columna de datos en el libro en que tengo la macro, usando los numeros que se encuentran en una celda fija de varios libros con nombres consecutivos. PAra hacerlo, he tenido que abrir a la vez los 32 libros de origen. Cómo puedo...
  3. M

    Automatically Update my masterworkbook when i add stuff to my babyworkbook

    Hello so here is problem I have a masterworkbook(marcgoproject4.xlsm) it has five(5) sheets all has headers sheets name : sheet1=ADDITEM sheet2=ITEMLIST sheet3=RECEIVED sheet4=SHIPPED sheet5=STOCK now the problem is i also have a babyworkbook(in.xlsx) that gets updated regularly only has...
  4. B

    Excel Table to Tabs

    Hello everybody, I have different tables and workbooks. In Sheet1 of every workbook i have a table that vary in the amount of columns. From this table I have to make a Sheet per column. In each Sheet the cells have to always be column 1 and then the corresponding column. For example: Table1...
  5. G

    Excel auto worksheet title function

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to automate the process of repeating an excel worksheet (which is set up with various tables and formulas) for various countries. I have a referenced list of countries set up in worksheet 1. So for example: in worksheet 2 I have a sheet set up for Albania - and I want to...
  6. P

    Result of SUMIF in different worksheet

    Hello, Just a quick (and I'm sure, easy) question regarding SUMIF across worksheets. Basically I have written my SUMIF to work perfectly on my first worksheet which is fine. However, instead of the output being on the first worksheet (same worksheet as SUMIF), I would like the output to be...
  7. K

    Automatically updating worksheet when changes are made to a separate workbook

    I would like to have one sheet in an Excel workbook(B) be tied to another workbook(A). Thus, whenever I make changes to Workbook A, the worksheet in Workbook B automatically updates with those changes. Is this possible in Excel 2010?
  8. Y

    Gettting data from other work sheets.

    Hi, I have 125 work sheets in one workbook and it contains data about companies for 8 years i.e. 2003 to 2010. Sheet 1 which I called "index" contains the Name of companies in one column and their abbreviation (sybmol) in other. All the 123 sheets are named as per these abbreviations. Now if...
  9. J

    Point Me In The Right Direction

    I'm not looking for anyone to do the work for me; I want to be pointed in the right direction. I want to create an Excel spread sheet for logging call information when our main tracking system is down. It doesn't need to be sophisticated. I want to create a work sheet with input fields...
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