workbook create

  1. S

    Creating a New Workbook

    Hello All! I need some help with creating a workbook based on unique values in Column C. For every unique value in Column C, I would want a new workbook created and saved as with that unique value's name. Thank you so much for your help in advance!:) Example of what the workbook looks like...
  2. K

    Macro from workbook that was generated by "master" workbook launches "master" workbook to run

    Greetings! First off, a big thank you to everyone one here. I have been lurking here for the last week and have "stolen" help from you guys and its all been great! second, i hope i am not re-posting a question. I wasn't really finding anything for my search terms, so i apologize in case this...
  3. J

    Create a new worksheet from a sheet

    Hi, I have several sheets in Workbook ("Avalia"), like sheets("CP1"), sheets("CP2"), sheets("CP3"),.... sheets("STC1"), sheets("STC2"), sheets("STC3"),... sheets("CLC1"), sheets("CLC2"),... all with data. I have also a form_Export with commandbuttons one for each sheet in Workbook ("Avalia")...
  4. C

    Reset the count for temp workbook?

    I tried looking this up but couldn't find an answer that was published previously. My application creates and closes many temp workbooks. Closing and opening Excel seems to reset the count but is there a way to reset the count in code?
  5. thelostscott

    Saving Individual Sheets with Tab Name as New Workbooks

    Hi all, Need some help if you are willing to share your gifts.... I have a Workbook that has multiple sheets in it that I need to then seperate into individual Workbooks saving the files as the same name as what is on the current tab. I would be looking at doing this for around 40-odd...

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