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    Prevent Change in File Extension?

    Hello, Is there an effective way to prevent a user from changing the file extension of a file? For example, if a file needs to remain .xls I want to prevent a user from changing it to .xlsx, etc. I assume I would need to add code to the Workbook_BeforeSave event? Or is there a better way...
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    Check if the workbook has ever been saved

    Hi, I have followed this forum for a while and found many great solutions to expand my VBA experience. However, I cannot find any solution to the following situation. I have a macro that downloads a .xlsx file and copy the worksheet to the users activeworkbook. If the user is working in an...
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    VBA Share/Unshare with Multiple Users Saving

    Hello, I've looked through many posts but I don't think I can find any for my problem (sorry if I'm wrong). I have a shared workbook that many people will be using (and probably at the same time). I have a few macros in the book that, when run, unshare the book, unprotect the particular sheet...
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    Open all workbooks to perform an action

    I need to a workbook in a specified folder, copy any sheet that contains "Dec" to a new workbook, save and repeat for all worksbooks in a folder Here is the code I have so far and it only opens all the files in the folder I specified but doesn't take the action to copy the sheets I have...
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    More than one event in workbook object?

    Hey guys, This may be a dumb question because I've been looking for an answer all over the internet and can't find the problem mentioned anywhere. I'm relatively new to Excel VBA though, and I'm trying to create two events for a single workbook. Is this possible? I have one workbook open...

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