1. R

    Worksheet_Change and Workbook_BeforeSave Issues

    Hi all, I have a Worksheet_Change function and a Workbook_BeforeSave function in my master file. When the user selects a specific value in the target field of the worksheet, it will cause the workbook to save. The BeforeSave function kicks in and attempts to send updates to/get updates from a...
  2. S

    Unresponsive ribbon after opening new workbook Excel 2016 VBA

    I'm quite a rookie when it comes to programming, however I have been able to build a couple of useful applications in excel, which automate some of my everyday tasks. Currently I am having an annoying issue when trying to open a new workbook using <code></code> in Excel...
  3. G

    Excel VBA Workbook.Open changes Format

    Hello i have the following problem: All Cells of the Wokrbook are in the general format. When i open it manualy it looks like this: <tbody> 349,878235 21,041668 36,666668 29,895834 46,04166 39,479168 350,061096 27,867134 40,702213 28,872379 54,324005 50,008747 </tbody> But when i use...
  4. R

    Userform not showing on another computer

    Hello. I have a userform that pops up when you open the file. That userform lets choose the active user, which will fill some cells with the correct file paths from the user computer. I never had any problem with the userform, but for a colleague of mine it does not show. It is not that it is...
  5. D

    HTML files convert all cells to text before opening (dropped leading zeros)

    I have a package of html files I open in excel. Unfortunately, opening the file converts the cells to 'General' and drops leading zeros. I have a code to loop through the package, open the files, and copy that sheet to a workbook. Is there a way to open the file with the columns already as...
  6. svendiamond

    Declare public variables on Workbook.Open?

    How do I get my workbook to declare public variables on the Workbook.Open event? The following code gives an error because I'm trying to declare a public variable inside a sub-routine (this is in the "ThisWorkbook" code) Private Sub Workbook_Open() Public enableTestMode As Boolean...
  7. weiser386

    (Should be easy for all of you) How to stop a application.ontime???

    DON'T MIND MY SLOPPY CODE I'M JUST WINGING IT! ha OK so here is my problem...I have a worksheet that displays production data on a TV monitor in the production office. This worksheet is generated by iHistorian tags and i have it set to update every 3 seconds (so we can see when equipment goes...
  8. S

    [VBA] Error 438 when trying to open an existing Workbook

    Hey all. I am having a weird error. In my function I am opening an existing Workbook, using Find method to locate a search criteria and store its row, and using the row to find a String in "E<ROW>". This works fine on one computer in another code which I used to trouble shoot it, but when I...
  9. R

    VBA If workbook already open then message box & exit sub

    Hi, I have a code taking data of a one workbook (Workbook1) and putting the specified data into another workbook ("MasterFile" {Workbook2}). The code works fine if the MasterFile is NOT open, because the code works on the event. What I would like is, when the MasterFile is...
  10. B

    Workbook.Open, closes original workbook?

    Hello I've peeked into this website(and others) for years. I'm finally getting around to learning how to implement VBA. I have made a solution (by copying scripts available and learning how to write portions of it myself :) , code below) to automate collecting information from an .XLS file and...
  11. J

    Summing column H in 100 unopened workbooks

    I have two similar challenges I need help with: 1. I have about a hundred workbooks saved in a folder. I need to get the sum of all H columns in those workbooks. How can I do this without opening them all and using something like this:=SUM('[Workbook1.xls]Sheet1'!H:H...
  12. C

    Copy workbooks to new folder and delete some worksheets

    Hello, I need to copy all workbooks in a folder (call it C:\2009) to a new folder (C:\2010). Each workbook contains at least 1 worksheet for each month of the year so I need to delete all worksheets except the Dec 09 worksheet(s). (The worksheet names will not always be the same from workbook...
  13. R

    Challenge - while running continue other excel tasks

    I'm fairly new to VBA for excel! I have an html page that I'm opening with excel. It is a very large document which takes around 3 minutes to open. After it is opened I parse the web page in excel and strip out what I need. What I would like to do is start the and while...
  14. S

    VBA and Workbook.Open

    I am using a event in file 1 to open file 2 which has data validation lists used in file 1. File 2 opens fine ( file2) but when I go to file 1, nothing shows up in the drop down lists. Is there some additional VBA code needed?

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