1. J

    How to calculate number of due on weekend exclude N/A and blank in that range

    i would like to calculate how many item outstanding will be due on weekend in N/A and blank in the range. <tbody> Item Mail No. Date Received Type Forwarded Date Response Response Date Due Date Day Process Status Days Overdue Remarks 9 SSP-PDP2-WTRAN-856277 01/01/2019 Workflow Transmittal...
  2. S

    Populate table based on data in another sheet

    I have a sheet called "Workflow, and another sheet called "Overview" "Overview" is my dashboard "Workflow" is my data" In "Overview" (dashboard) I have a table From C13:I28 In "Workflow" I have the data I want to populate in that table. My "Workflow" sheet has data from cells A4:J723 What I...
  3. E

    Work flow for Newbie

    I am trying to learn powerpivot and wanted to know the best way to set up my data. I get an extract of student test data in a spreadsheet. It has the student name, id, grade, and the test scores for a given test. Each time they take another test, it adds a row of data. At the end of the...
  4. J

    Using Excel as Work-History / Tracking tool

    Good afternoon, I'm working on a project now that involves setting up a service desk that will be responsible for tracking and guiding individuals through a certain process. It is going to be a specialized desk that only deals with a few dozen items a year, so it doesn't make sense to use a...
  5. A

    NEED: excel workflow macro

    I am after some sort of macro that will help me track work flow between users with some specific caveats. I'm not sure that what I want to do can be done with normal track changes so I may be in need of a macro and since my macro skills are quite basic I'm after some help. Thanks in advance...
  6. S

    Workflow Roster

    Hi all, This is my first post to this forum. Hope i get some valuable replies here. :) I am trying to create a simple BiWeekly roster (extendable to Monthly) for my workflow support team using either VBA or worksheet functions though i am not able to proceed further than the design...

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