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    Deleting mutliple worksheets from a workbook if they conatin a specific tab name.

    HI, I have created the below macro to do this but it does not run through the whole workbook, I keep having to re-run the macro to delete other sheets (Some workbooks conatin 6-7 worksheets that end in Cube or Chart) Also If I could get it to stop asking me before deleting the worksheets and...
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    Excel 2003: Add worksheet with variable as worksheet name?

    OK, folks... some more VBA help needed please!!! I need to create a macro which will prompt the user to select a PDF file on their HDD, then have the PDF filename used as the worksheet name. The PDFs have the same naming convention: "MachineReport 1234ABC 31102011" where MachineReport is...
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    Delete Sheet Event

    Is there a way of detecting the deletion of a worksheet. I have a workbook that includes a drop down list of the current worksheets. So if a worksheet is deleted, I need to update this list. Is there a way of trapping this event? Thanks Steve

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