worksheet existence vba

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    create new worksheet and hyperlink it to a variable cell

    Hi I am new to this forum so i hope i am communicating the right thing in order to get help. So i have an excel file containing a complex plan. This file has an overview sheet and project plans. In the overview sheet :column A contains a hyperlinks to other worksheets (1 project plan=1...
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    check if certain worksheet exists and delete

    does anyone know how to check if a worksheet exists called "workingdata" and delete it if it does? If the workingdata worksheet does not exist i just want to carry on with the rest of the things i've coded. i can't use the set worksheet as ... because if it doesn't exist then the whole thing...
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    vba - check worksheet existence

    Hello! I got a listbox which chooses from which worksheet a value should be copied. Now If there is a value in the listbox, where there is no corresponding worksheet, I get an "out of range" error. What I need is a way to check if there is a worksheet called as the choice the user makes to...

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