worksheet names

  1. M

    ActiveX ComboBox To Automatically Update with Worksheet Names

    I have a combox box that allows me to select a worksheet name from a drop down list and then it takes me to that worksheet. That part is awesome. It works in conjunction with a command button. The command button generates the combobox with the worksheet names. This part is not awesome. My goal...
  2. M

    Retrieve the name of worksheets in a workbook to a specific cell!!!!!!

    Hi All, I have 52 sheets, and I want to run a macro that I found online to retrieve the name of all the worksheets and place them in a specific row or column (not fussy - just need the data). I found this, and press ALT +F11, paste it into the immediate pane, but nothing happens?? Am I doing...
  3. D

    Seems like the registry of my sheet names is corrupted

    I have a single workbook application with 3 procedures and 1 function. One procedure calls the other two iteratively When I try to reference a sheet using a statement like Worksheets("Data").Range("A1")... i get one of two messages 0ne is "subscript out of range" and the other is 'select method...
  4. D

    Dynamic Worksheet Tab Names, driven by cell value from another worksheet.

    I need to dynamically rename the Worksheet names, from a cell value in another worksheet. The name’s source is from: Sheet4 The worksheets to change are Sheet1, Sheet2, and Sheet3 The value of the name, in it’s cell is a date, and is formatted as m/d/yyyy (10/1/2014) The worksheet name...
  5. C

    Statement to apply code to certain worksheets with certain names. Trouble with if statement

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to write a macro to look at all of the worksheets in a workbook and apply a certain but similar code to the worksheets depending on the worksheet name. One thing to note is the worksheets name has a possibility of being different, but still will contain a unique...
  6. F

    Use Worksheet name variable by clicking on worksheet tab

    I have a macro that compares two sheets (in a workbook that might contain 10 sheets). Currently, the user enters the names of the two sheets in two input boxes. Is there a way that the user need only to click on a sheet tab and the sheet names are used in the macro? (this would eliminate any...
  7. D

    Automatically updating hyperlinks based on tab names

    Hey everyone- Okay, so I'm sorry if this isn't very clear, but I am working on a workbook that is going to use several worksheets that are very similar in the information that they hold. Each one will have a unique name but that name may change. I want each worksheet to contain a list of...
  8. I

    Replacing whitespace in worksheet names with an underscore

    Hi, I'm not very competent with VBA and am having trouble with a script that creates hyperlinks to other worksheets in the workbook. The worksheet names are dictated externally and occasionally contain white spaces, which means that the hyperlinks that my VBA creates don't work for those tabs...
  9. S

    Burst Worksheets from Pivot Table

    I want to create worksheets in a workbook based on criteria used in a Pivot Table... I think I've seen a podcast that demonstrates how this can be done but, I can't find it. For instance, if the pivot table rows contain the States and the value columns contain a count of cities, when you click...
  10. J

    Using worksheet names in formulas

    Hi All, Is it possible to reference a workbook name like a formula? For example...Say I have a tab named 'MAY 12' and I am referencing that tab in a YTD tab that I have previously made and I have a column that is pulling all those numbers, but in the sumifs formula I have instead of...
  11. G

    Can I autofill worksheet name which is a number

    I cannot figure out a way to auto-fill any of these cells that reference another worksheet. This is a workbook with 1-31 worksheets for every day of the month and this page is the monthly recap. When I drag any cell to auto-fill, the series is only the referenced CELL part (in B16, for...
  12. drayneal

    Worksheet name w/nonvolitile date

    Hello gurus, I need VBA help. I've searched the forums but found nothing specific to worksheet names. I have a workbook that creates an inventory catalog based on the date. The user wants the date name on the workbook sheet tab, which I have done. However it changes each time its opened. Can the...
  13. J

    Worksheet Name Reference

    How do I reference the name of the worksheet in a cell within the worksheet itself? Example: "Worksheet (2)" is the name fo the worksheet. How do I get Worksheet (2)" to appear in a cell which references the tab name? So when they change the tab name it changes the cell result. Thanks.
  14. P

    Test on sheets names

    To the experts: I am looking for some VBA statements solving my problem: I wrote a macro that produced a new worksheet with data selected data from a database worksheet. The macro does not expect more worksheets in the workbook. I recently found out that a user added more sheets for own use...
  15. D

    Finding Worksheet Names Located Between Two Worksheets?

    Does anyone know of an effective way in VBA to grab all the worksheet names located within two different worksheets? i.e. Start,1,2,3,4,5,End I want to grab the names of 1,2,3,4,5. Thanks in advance!

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