1. F

    Share only specific Tab from Workspace

    Can you share specific tab's from a workspace without sharing the entire workspace?
  2. Richard Schollar

    Save Workspace

    I realise I am a little out of date Excel-wise as I have spent the last year and a half on Excel 2010 and found the Save Workspace feature incredibly useful (this after **** near 20 years of never having touched it before). As far as I can see it has been removed in later versions (I'm now...
  3. O

    Intern Left - Transfer Ownership from his "Workspace" to "Group Workspace"?

    Hi, I've been reading other posts here similar to my issue but I can't seem to get some of the workarounds or methods used to work. We had an intern working with us over the summer and he created a bunch of different reports in Power BI, I still have access to his account but my company needs...
  4. M

    Members Upload Files to Workspace at

    Dear Team, I have created a Workspace at and added members by e-mail. But when one of the members tries to upload, they cannot see the Workspace. I would like all the members that I have added by e-mail to be able to upload files to the Workspace. More Detail: 1) In on...
  5. S

    Lost spreadsheets

    The file icon is on my desktop. When I open the file, excel opens...but instead of having a spreadsheet, the screen is gray. I KNOW that the data is there, I just can't FIND it! I have expanded the workspace as much as it will grow, and given my screens the maximum resolution that I can in hopes...
  6. C

    Workspace Question - Excel 2002

    I have a workspace that includes 4 workbooks(worksheets) to which I want to add an existing additional workbook(worksheet) that is not currently park of the workspace. I cannot see how to do this. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  7. S

    Excel Workspace File Problem

    I created an Excel workspace file. There are 2 files in the workspace. The second file is used for data valiation on the drop down lists in the first file. Some people have no problem opening the workspace file. Other people with the same security access are unable to open the file. They...

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