1. L

    Data Validation

    Hi I have a financial model which includes a whole heap of scenario analysis. To change the scenario for each cell you click the drop down and select best, base or worst. However, if you wan to run a worst case for everything you have to select each individual cell and select worst. Is there a...
  2. B

    Trying to find worst and best measures from a list containing duplicates

    I am trying to do something that should be simple, by my brain is having a dumb block. I have a table of sites showing their ranking for various performance measures. I just want to create a list showing which is their best and worst measures, but I'm getting confused where they may be the same...
  3. F

    Advanced filter or a formula to extract list

    Hi I'm trying to put together a list of students with the worst punctuality. I couldn't find a formula so I thought I would try advanced filter. This worked great for values below 90, however, when I try to extract the top 15 with the worst punctuality the filter doesn't seem to happen. The...
  4. V

    Variable range based on data from a cell

    Hi, I'm asking for your help, I'll try to explain as detailed as possible what I'm in need of(and couldn't figure out a way to do it yet). So, I have a table that contains a number of products, for each product the yield is introduced each week, I would like to achieve to get the top 4 worst...
  5. D

    Simple replace function?

    Is there an easy way to replace a portion of a string without using left/mid/right functions? The best way to explain is by example. Lets I have in a cell, "Tuesday is the best day of the week," and I want to input into another cell, "Tuesday is the worst day of the week." Is there a simpler...
  6. A

    Cross reference data from 2 different sheets to fill 3rd sheet

    My sheet 1 (Raw Data) looks like this <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Experience Height P1 Best Tallest P2 Worst Tallest P3 Worst Tall P4 Good Short P5 Bad Tall P6 Worse Short P7 Best Shorter P8 Bad Shortest P9 Worse Shorter P10 Worst Shortest </tbody> My...

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