1. B

    Filter data and export as new workbooks

    Hi, Can someone help me with below requirement. I have a macro work book with data in the sheet "Source". this data has multiple columns and in the column "N"(which is last column which contains data) i have manager names along with blanks and "NA". I want to filter each Manager and copy the...
  2. B

    VBA code to remain in the same page while running the macro

    I have a VBA code with multiple subs and it has multiple worksheets which will be hided and only macro worksheet will be visible. when someone runs the macro it will unhide the other worksheets and exports the output then at the end it hides the worksheets. problem is at times towards the end...
  3. F

    Horizontal Conditional formatting not working as expected.

    I have used the following formula =AND(NOT(ISBLANK($A4)), ISBLANK($E4)blank. to conditionally format a blank cell, when a neighboring cell is not blank. It works as expected, however when I have tried to use the same formula on another sheet, the reverse happens. AR highlights instead of e4. A4...
  4. M

    Can Get This Excel File to Be Recognised

    I am trying to use the USA example file for this. I can't get the program to recognise the file for the charting package even though I am following the instructions. I get this warning: The selected file type does not support workbooks that contain multiple sheets. I can't even see the mutiple...
  5. A

    why is this file so big?

    https://www.4shared.com/photo/f0Q3CCCyca/FILE_SIZE.html https://www.4shared.com/rar/eP0V5IQ_ca/TAX_2017.html i dont know how to upload excel files i put them on a shared thingy so you can download them. i have a 5 column - 50 row spreadsheet. please tell me why it saves at 15MEG !! it is now a...
  6. P

    Very long macro!!

    Hi Mr Excel gurus. Am "surgically" preparing to come up with JUST ONE LONG MACRO, recording >20 sequence of events to "cut out" tedious manual repetitive tasks. Wondering the problems I may encounter recording & running it. Anyone who has successfully created & using a long Macro? My...
  7. E

    Help with data population

    Hello! I am having trouble figuring out how to take the data from one sheet and create and populate other sheets based off of that data. I have 200 books on a master list, and I am trying to add those books Title, Author, and Series number to a template that I made. One sheet for every book...
  8. S

    Vlookup To subtract Order Qty From Supply and Mark additional Cell

    I am relativly new to VBA. I am in need of some code that will assist me in looking up information on a sheet (Orders) from a sheet (Supply) and subtracting the order value from the supply value. If Order Qty < Supply Qty and the deduction is calculated I also need it to place an x in an...
  9. N

    Count occurances of random number groups

    Hi Everyone....Can anyone please suggest a formula in Excel 2003 which can be used to count the number of occurances of random number groups in a column? A group is classed as 1 or more numbers that occur consecutively. An example of the data (each number in an individual cell) is; 2, 2, 5, 5...

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