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    VBA to select multiple CSV files, merge to single sheet, add formula then pivot results in XL07

    Hello board, I've been searching the internet for VB code I can hack together to allow a user to; select multiple CSV files (found something in the VB help resource for FILEDIALOG) automatically merge those files into a single worksheet while retaining a single header row (found this post...
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    XL07 Comparison Spreadsheet Help

    Hi all, I was hoping you could help me with a problem. I have a spreadsheet that is made up of 3 tabs, Original, Match and Difference. It's purpose is to return the difference between 2 pasted reports (One is pasted in the Original Tab and the other in the Match Tab and the differences are...
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    Cannot Import "XML Spreadsheet 2003" using "XML Data Import" in XL07; "does not refer to a schema"

    One of the features of Excel 2007 I have truly been enjoying is the XML Data Import feature (in the Data tab of the Ribbon). It has made reviewing and updating information of web-based information a LOT easier. Unfortunately, when attempting to import an XML File over the web created in the...

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