1. S

    Trouble interpreting date range. Excel2007

    I am trying to build an Equipment Replacement Schedule for computer hardware. I have a column that reads the warranty start date and adds the number of years that has been determined as the replacement cycle. That looks like this...
  2. 1

    Get Excel 2007 to consider only filtered cells

    Hi, I have put on a filter in my sheet and want to copy certain values from Column W to column X with the filter on. However, when I copy across the values with the filter still on it is ignoring the filter and just replacing the values sequentially. For example with the filter on I have rows...
  3. Jon von der Heyden

    where do I find the selector in XL2007?

    Hi Where do I find the selector in XL2007 so that I don't have to manually select each shape? I want to grab an entire selection in one shot! I still hate this ribbon! :mad: Thanks Jon
  4. A

    Conditional Formatting XL2007

    Hi All XL2007 includes some supplied conditional formatting rules/formulas. Is there a way to "reveal" the actual formula code behind these supplied conditions, not just their "english" description? Regards AlMorl

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