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    No MaximumScale in Line Chart Category Axis - what to use instead?

    I have the following code that returns an error, "Method 'MaximumScale' of object 'Axis' failed", on the line in red: With ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart 3").Chart dblXScale = (.Axes(xlCategory).MaximumScale - .Axes(xlCategory).MinimumScale) / LArea.Width dblYScale =...
  2. G

    Failing to set some .Axes(xlCategory) properties

    Hi! I try to make a function that draws a line chart for me, but I ran into some difficulties. I have three columns on a sheet. The first one is time, formatted as hh:mm:ss. I want these on the x axis. The second and third columns are my values, in this case temperatures. The y axis is...
  3. C

    How to draw a rectangle to scale on an excel chart

    First time post - please be gentle. I have responsibility for a VB6 program (and Excel 2007) that creates an excel stacked column chart that shows defects for a mile range. The mile range can be continuous oe noncontinuous and can have odd mile post numbers (like 6.28) out of the blue. The...
  4. J

    Using VBA to Set Axes Color

    I can change the color, size, etc. of the axes colors manually - can this be done via VBA? I see how to set the value where it crosses, tick marks, etc. I am using Excel 2007 Thank you.

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