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    Conditional Formatting in VBA with an Expression

    Good morning, everyone. I have a static cell ($A$6) on worksheet that is the goal for the number of tickets that should worked on during the week. Starting at cell (C11), I have a range labeled "rg" that is Dynamic and could span many columns depending on how many teams submitted tickets...
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    VBA Conditional Format Error 9

    Hi, I am trying to apply conditional formatting using VBA. I have got this code to work successfully : Sub ResetCF()Application.ScreenUpdating = False With ActiveSheet With .Range("$E:$R") 'Blank Cells .FormatConditions.Add xlExpression...
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    Conditional Formatting with VBA and xlExpression Formula1: with VBA Variables and Text

    Hello Mr. Excel! I want to start by saying a quick thank you! I love this site. I have tried to find answers in previous posts but I haven't found anything to find material that applies directly here, yet. I've been using VBA to new worksheets that compile information from a "Source"...
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    FormatConditions.Add for xlExpression & formula - fails!

    I can't seem to get this conditional formatting code to work. Error:Run-time error '5' Invalid procedure call or argument xlCellValue works: With .Range("tblGlobalData[Response Time]").FormatConditions _ .Add(xlCellValue, xlEqual, "FAIL") .Font.ColorIndex = 3...

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