1. C

    Help with Range Selection

    I am currently trying to create a macro that finds a cell with a certain word and selects all cells in a row only if they contain data and replaces that data. This is what I have so far. If Trim(rngCell) = "Bead Lot" Then rngCell.Offset(0, 1).Select...
  2. B

    use next available cell in row (xltoright)

    i need help getting this code to paste in next empty cell to right. the code only paste in column B. i need-if column B is not blank then use next cell to right. Dim ThisCell1 As Range Dim ThisCell2 As Range Application.ScreenUpdating = False For Each ThisCell1 In...
  3. H

    xlToRight Issue

    Hi, I'm using the following code to find the end of a range but the problem I'm having is that range (the xlToRight) can change. Is there a way to instead have this select all the way to the right until it runs into a certain value? For example, if I have the word "END" in column T it would do...
  4. N

    Excel VBA - Alternative to Copy/Paste with xlToRight xlDown

    I am trying to simplify the VBA below as there's too many selects and with the array of data being copied from one sheet to the other as the sheets get larger in size, I want to reduce the overhead and increase the speed it executes. It currently works, but isn't the cleanest. The "TODAYS_DATA"...
  5. A

    VBA - Same formula in the same column but different rows

    Since my last column is not always absolute I use the xlToRight command to get to the correct cell. I am trying to do the same step for row 5-11,14-20 and 23-29. Currently I have something like this: Range("C5").End(xlToRight).Formula = Range("C5") - Range("C5").End(xlToRight).Offset(0, -2)...
  6. S

    Update Code for specific entity deposits

    All deposits get posted to one account, which we then have to transfer amounts to the entity it belongs to. * In column I , I have a deposit from one of my entities in Columns J:CT.* To get to the entity that the deposit belongs to I do an XLtoRight and grab whatever is in Row 2 above that...
  7. O

    Need to do an "xlToRight"-type move in Excel to move right more than one column.

    Hi! This is my first post, and I haven't been able to find the solution to my exact problem, even though I've found things that seemed similar but didn't work in my case. I have a very nice piece of VBA that I got from Microsoft Answers: Loop thru one column, find specific text, shift right one...
  8. P

    creating automated income statement, want to add dynamic monthly column to AVERAGE and SUM

    Hi VBA masters, I'm creating an automated daily income statement with currency rates, cash balances, expenses, etc. I would like to add a monthly column that's dynamic and uses VBA's ".Formula" tool to add functions and perform calculations on the daily values. I'm having trouble using the...
  9. B

    Autofill XltoLeft

    Hi, Need some help with either an XltoLeft or XltoRight Autofill I have a userform where the user selects their shift start time and then their shift end time both from inbuilt combobox to ensure uniformity. For example: Shift Start Time 9 Shift End Time 17 On pressing submit, in this...
  10. S

    Lookup the last value in a range and selecting the date

    Hello, I have a worksheet that has ranges of string values that contain a date within the first 5 characters. I am able to locate the date from the cell: =MID(R10,1,5) But I am now having difficulty locating the last cell in a general range with value. I have found macros to assist...
  11. L

    xltoright question

    Just a quick one. How can I work with xltoright to fill a space beneath a row of data? I have a column of formulas that I have copied and I need to just spread it as far to the right as the row of data directly above it. Here's what I use to copy: Selection.Copy Range(Selection...

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