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    Excel VBA : How to parse an xml file and write in data then save it

    I am working on this since many days and am loosing much time on something supposed to be much more easier. I am very new and beginner on VB, VBA and XML.. am working on something like following: 1 - AN execl sheet with some cells where end user is asked to enter needed values; done 2 -...
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    map xml node from parent node

    Hi, I'm trying to write a macro to map the xml folder elements on different worksheets, But the problem is i have to map individual columns against the xml schema elements, I need a macro that could check the worksheet name and map the particular node to that sheet at one go... please help . :)...
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    Mapping XML elements to multiple cells

    Hello, I am trying to produce an Excel file filled with data from the XML file. Some of the cells need to have the same element data. However the Microsoft Excel is not allowing to map an XML element to more than one cells. Could somebody know of a way to achieve this result/ solution...
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    XML mapping to multiple cells

    hi, I am trying to map an XML elements to multiple cells in a workbook and MS Excel is not allowing this. I would really appreciate if somebody can tell me of how to do the multiple cell mapping. Thanks, Antony
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    How to Map XML elements to Multiple Excel cells

    Hi All, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I am trying to import XML data to different sheets in a workbook.<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Is it possible to map an XML element to multiple individual cells and repeating cells in a...
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    convert xml file into excel sheet

    Hi, I am reasonably experienced at excel and VBA, but I have a requirement whereby I need to read (convert) an xml file into excel, make some changes to the data and update the xml with the new data. I have written some VBA to take an excel sheet and create the required xml. It's a bit...
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    Creating XSD using macro

    Can someone please help me on way to create a <NOBR>xsd</NOBR> using a macro all the <NOBR>XMl</NOBR> characteristcs be givin in a excel and i need to create an <NOBR>XSD</NOBR> for that. I have attach a sample how the characteristics are given as <NOBR>input</NOBR> in an excel sheet. <TABLE...
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    Data range refresh failed on XML map..?

    I have a spreadsheet, built using Excel 2003, with an embedded query. I also have defined a section of data that uses an xml map named mtdreport. There is an associated xsd file. Now with Excel 2007, Data refresh (Refresh All) works fine, but there is a message that says "The following data...
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    XML Mapping

    Hi I need to write a Macro to import XML data into a spreadsheet. I will need to import upto 100 different xml forms into a spreadsheet from one location, but i can't seem to get the mapping to work in VBA Below is the bit i am having trouble with Dim mapContact As XmlMap Dim strXPath As...

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