1. Fowmy

    Decode XNPV Function

    Hi, I am trying to calculate the XNPV using the below formula here but facing a problem in matching with the result from the XNPV function. The difference is 23.01. Can someone help me where I am going wrong? BCDEFGHIJKLM12Rate10%34ValuesDates51,000.0005-Jan-201,000.00110.00% 909.09...
  2. N

    XNPV Result is not 0 when I use the XIRR result as the rate

    I have a stream of cash flows for a financial model that I am building (pasted below). I am trying to calculate the IRR of the Gross and Net lines. For the Gross line, I entered the following formula =XIRR(G19:AD19,G17:AD17,0.5) and I get the result of 47.16%. I then try to verify that XIRR...
  3. E

    XNPV with negative rate

    Is it possible to have a negative rate with the XNPV function? My accountancy knowledge is not much above zero, but I am trying to help a friend, who's Excel skills are almost zero, so any help gratefully received. Steve

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