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    VBA Code for XSD using excel data

    Dears, kindly help in writing VBA code to produce XSD for the below requirement. I have two columns one is having data element name and another column is defined hierarchy. Both columns are availble as excel data. <tbody> Schema DE Name Hierarchy NSM-VEHICLEPASSINFORMATION...
  2. L

    XML Denormilized Error

    Hello all I am trying to setup so that i can export xml from excel. below are my xsd file and xml file with data. i am getting the error that my schema contains denormalized data when i go to verify my map. any help would be apriciated Begin XSD <xs:schema attributeformdefault="unqualified"...
  3. A

    VBA: Parsing XSD - Where's the annotation/documentation items?

    I'm working on a project to parse XSD files into Excel (2010) files to create some mapping documents. I'm just after the Name, Type, size/length and documentation elements. Trouble is, I can't seem to find where the annotation/documentation items are in the SOM (using MSXML6 library). It seems...
  4. M

    Schemas (.XSD) from Eletronics Invoices don't work

    Hi, I'm from Brazil and here we use eletronics invoices distributed in XML files. I can import it to a Excel Sheet and the program assumes a automatic schema to use it. But i have to format and mapping every time. The XSDs files are public and be located in the Brazilian Government site on...
  5. V

    help exporting XML data. XSD schema help?

    I have a data set in excel, that I'm attempting to export as XML. I can not seem to get the XSD schema file correct to allow me to export the data. I keep getting the error "Cannot save or export XML data. The XML maps in this workbook are not exportable." The data is a simple table on one...
  6. T

    Creating XSD using macro

    Can someone please help me on way to create a <NOBR>xsd</NOBR> using a macro all the <NOBR>XMl</NOBR> characteristcs be givin in a excel and i need to create an <NOBR>XSD</NOBR> for that. I have attach a sample how the characteristics are given as <NOBR>input</NOBR> in an excel sheet. <TABLE...

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