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    Copying files to specific folder

    I've put the following code together to copy specific files from one folder to another based on a list contained in a spreradsheet. There are 2 problems which I'd appreaciatte some help with 1 the kill instuction doesn't work and 2 the code is copying all of the files, not the ones...
  2. I

    Copy files from one folder to another based on a list in Excel

    Hello I'm very new to VBA , at the moment I'm using the following code to Copy files from one folder to another based on a list in Excel, and it work perfect what I'm looking for is instead of search in on folder is also search sub-folder <tbody> <code class="vb keyword"...
  3. P

    Advice with VBA Code to Move Files

    Hi there, I wondering if there is somebody out there who can help me with a macro to move files. I have a Excel list of files which have the full path and filename in column A, which has been obtain from a Windows search. What I am trying to do is move these files form there various folder...
  4. A

    VBA search subfolder and move to another folder

    Hi All, Long time lurker but first time poster. I have a scenario where I'd like to use a list in Excel to search for and copy the corresponding files to another folder. I believe I have most of the code written and it seems to work fine except for two small issues. One issue is that I need to...
  5. L

    Time Stamp ID

    Hello, This code places history of changes to cell H44 starting in J3. Can this code be edited to also put the value of H3 starting in K3. Thank you very much Excel WorkbookJK1Total Invoice History2Invoice TotalsInvoice Number3$ 140.004$ 660.005$ 130.00Lookup...
  6. C

    Copying Files From One Directory to Another

    Hello, I'm trying to find all files in a directory a which match via a partial string with the value in column A, then copy them into a new directory. I've found code that does this but only for a specific file name (1110313_a.jpg). We'd love it if the script would find any files that contain...
  7. C

    Copy a file from a folder to another

    Hello Guys!! I am trying to code in VBA to copy a file from a folder to another. My idea is to click the button, than select multiple files name in cells range. FromFolder would be a Folder that won't change, so i put the folder path (this folder is located in a network). The ToFolder is a...
  8. T

    Bulk insert images and want to lock aspect ratio

    Hi, May I know how to lock aspect ratio by editing below code? <style type="text/css">p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'}</style>Sub InsertPicFromFile() Dim xRg As Range Dim xCell As Range Dim xVal As String On Error Resume Next Set xRg =...
  9. D

    VBA to move files from one location to another - Run-time error '13' Type mismatch

    Hi Folks, I have developed some VBA code to move files from a source destination to a target destination. For example: <tbody> Item Code (A1) File path (B1) AQU10000753.pdf S:\APS_Logistics\Images\PetsAtHome\03) EXTERNAL CODE IMAGES\HIGH RES - CONTAIN PRODUCTION MARKS!\NOT UPLOADED\...
  10. J

    VB Code to move image files into their asociated folders identified in an excel spreadsheet

    I have an excel spreadsheet which identifies where image files need to be moved. At the moment all the image files are located in one large folder on my external hard drive f:\ So, I want to move all the images that correspond to the folder name which is recorded in excel spreadhseet I have...
  11. M

    Macro for copying a single file from multiple folders to one folder

    Afternoon, I am attempting to copy multiple files from multiple folders into one folder. I have a macro that allows me to do this from one folder to the target folder, but each time I use the macro, I have to manually select the folder for that file name, and then manually select the target...

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