y axis issues

  1. R

    Column Chart - columns overlapping Y axis

    I have eight data points in a column graph, ranging from -13.9% to +4.5%. The Y axis of zero is in the middle of the chart. The columns overlap the Y axis, and this overlap grows as the column width is increased. At a 1 column width, there is no overlap. At a width of 5, there is a light...
  2. S

    How to hide any percentages on the y axis above 100%

    Hi, I have a chart with multiple data lines. One of the data lines goes above 100% and so in order to see that line, I have to change my maximum.However, I am not allowed to visibly show any percentages above 100%. The data line still needs to be visible but just not the percentage. How...
  3. T

    Formatting of dual axis

    Hey, I got the problem that I am plotting a climate chart in excel (precipitation left y axis and temperature right y axis). Since the temperature has negative values but both y axis have to start with the value 0 at the horizontal axis, excel produces negative values for the precipitation...
  4. B

    Problem with graph time on y-axis, date on x-axis

    I have created a graph in Excel 2003 with three columns of data that are the times that the top 3 peak KW occurs during a day. The y-axis of my graph is supposed to be the time in the format "00:00:00" and the x-axis is the day that these occur. For some reason, the y-axis of this graph is not...

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