1. I

    Clustered bar chart

    I have clustered bar chart. I have one array of values where the values can go from -5 to 5. The y-axis is a 0 which is good but the y-axis labels are also in the 0 range.Since the axis value is positive or negative, some bars actually overwrite that y-axis labels. If I move the axis to one...
  2. H

    Add shape to fixed position in a chart

    Hi guys, I've used the information on this board quite often, first time to ask a question myself. I didn't seem to find anything simular on the board and hope I formulate this question clearly and in the correct form... My problemconcerns the positioning of a shape in a chart. The chart itself...
  3. L

    Drill through y-axis on stacked column chart

    Hello, I have a stacked column chart with dates on the x-axis and different codes on the y-axis. I would like to set-up a drill through / drill down function for the codes on the y-axis but I don't know how to do this. For example, one of the stacked column is the code "3xx". This code is...
  4. F

    Creating a scatter chart

    Hi everyone! I'm stuck trying to create a custom scatter chart. I have the following columns: <tbody> Name Angle n0 Value Angle n1 Value Angle n2 Value Frank 5 12 12 22 23 40 Peter 7 15 17 33 28 38 </tbody> I need a chart with Angles (n0, n1 and n2) in the x-axis and Values in the...
  5. M

    Secondary Axis line chart

    In a 2010 Excel chart, can I have different Y-axis scales (a primary and secondary axis) for a line chart? I see how to make a secondary Y-axis for bar charts, but can't figure out how to apply this to a line chart.
  6. S

    find zero crossing rate from accelerometer signal

    Hi, I need some help to calculate zero crossing rate from an accelerometer signal, consists of x-axis, y-axis and z-axis. This is how the signal looks like in the excel column: time x-axis y-axis z-axis 0.1 0.6752 -9.7479 -0.3893 0.2 0.7108 -9.7429...
  7. P

    Height of y-axis

    Fellow sufferers! I wish to adjust a graph so that the y-axis is only just long enough to accomodate . Also, the physical distance on the screen from 0 to 1 mark shall be fixed. The .Height = adjusts the height of the graph itself. I need to adjust the y-axis (and consequently the height of...
  8. A

    scatter graph (text y-axis)

    I am trying to create a scatter graph where the y-axis corresponds to SUBJECTID (in text format) and the x-axis corresponds to values associated to each of the different subjects, so that the graph displays horizontally-lined dots, each line corresponding to a subject identified on the y-axis...
  9. L

    axis position: categories in reverse order

    Hi In the video below (you do not have to watch it) the speaker changed the order of the Y-axis by right clicking on Y-axis then properties then under Axis position: there is a option called "Categories in reverse order". That option change the order of the item in the Axis. Excel 2016 is used...
  10. A

    Setting X-Axis Values & Y-Axis Range

    I have the following code that creates a chart based on a table from Range("Y2:Z" & iRow3), where iRow3 is the last row of the table (changes as new data is input): With ActiveSheet.ChartObjects.Add(Left:=Range("C12").Left, _ Top:=Range("C12").Top, _...
  11. T

    Help regarding Dynamic Chart (Y-axis should Shrink/expand dynamically)

    Hi there! I have a data range from A2:B20.(Column A for “Sr. No” and Column B for “Velocity”). I want to make a dynamic chart for it (the values of vertical line should hide/expand automatically). The value of Y-axis of the chart should start from (rounddown "minimum value+10") in Column B and...
  12. C

    Excel VBA - Automatically Adjust Pivot Chart Min/Max

    I am trying to create a macro that automatically updates the y-axis min/max for two different pivot charts that are on the same sheet. I have 50 sheets in my workbook that I need to do this for. Does anyone know VBA for this? Thanks, Claire Using: Excel 2016 Windows 7
  13. A

    Broken Y-Axis with Two sets of data

    Hi everyone, I have two sets of data, in -- and I was wondering if it was possible to create a graph with a broken Y axis due to sets of data that make the graph larger (not being able to see the small sets of data). As an example, you'll see that salaries has an extensive amount over the...
  14. T

    VBA Y Axis Adjustment - VBA only works on 1 sheet?

    Hi! I've pieced together some VBA from the internet to adjust the Y axis based on the calculated results of specific cells. The VBA works wonderfully for the chart on the first tab. The problem is, when I copy and paste the VBA to the next sheet, adjust the cell references and the chart name...
  15. H

    Y-axis with large range needs to have middle range removed

    I have a graph with a y-axis that ranges from 2 to around 10,000. Is there a way to cut out a certain range where the data doesn't show any useful events? For example, from 2 - 4,000, and 8,000 to 10,000 I have useful data. The range 4,000 to 8,000 is a jump in the numbers and I would like to...
  16. E

    vba code to autoscale y axis

    I have a sheet that has several different series in a chart i created. i need to autoscale the y axis with the chart. The way my sheet works is I press a button and the sheet jumps to the graph. What i would like to do is when the button is pressed to select the graph to view is add a line of...
  17. L

    Data Chart Help

    Hi, Hopefully someone can help with my question. I am creating a chart in Excel. The data from the chart will be based on a selected range (ex. A1:G1). Not every cell will always have data. How do I set it up so that the times where no data is entered, it does not default to $0, which then...
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