1. M

    How do I pass the body for a POST HTTP request using YouTube API playlistitems.insert?

    I keep getting the wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment error but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong now. Here are some pictures:
  2. Z

    Extracting YouTube views online using getElementsByClassName in VBA

    Hi there. My code is running and generating the necessary timestamps to viewership data from a YouTube link, however I can't seem to get the viewership to copy and print. Any help to extract this information from the YouTube code would be much appreciated. Thanks Here is a link as an example...
  3. N

    Dynamic YouTube Timecode URLs in Excel

    Hello, all. I enjoy indexing chapters for long YouTube videos, so that others can jump to the topics which interest them. For example, someone has created a series of videos with a brief overview of every Family Computer/N.E.S. game released in order of their original publish date. The 2...
  4. gheyman

    Filter Formula

    I am watching a YouTube video and its using =Filter to create a Searchable drop down list. But when I try to recreate whats on YouTube It doesn't like "=Filter" the only option is Filterxml which I think is completely different. '=Filter(A:A,Isnumber(search(D1,A:A))"not found")
  5. S

    Best videos to make professional charts

    I am trying to prepare professional charts for work and wanted to know if there is a good video showing how to make a great line chart? Also any other charts as well. Have checked youtube and so many I don;t know which one would be best to watch. Much appreciated! :confused:
  6. P

    Run-time error '9' Help

    Private Sub cmdbtnSearch_click() Dim totRows As Long, i As Long totRows = Worksheets("Sheet5(Slat)").Range("C3").CurrentRegion.Rows.Count For i = 3 To totRows If Trim(Sheet5.Cells(i, 3)) = Trim(TextBox1.Text) Then TextBox1.Text =...
  7. A

    Bill Jelen Channel on YouTube not in Podcast Order

    I have a Roku, an iPad and an iPhone and I am subscribed to the Bill Jelen channel. While I am very familiar with Excel, I want to start at the first one and go through each one. When I look at the list of videos many are not in order. For example, the first one I see is 2188 and then 2187...
  8. B

    line numbers in maintaining a book keeping record by accountants

    i am looking for a link on youtube i had come across a video on youtube showing how to use line numbers in maintaining a book keeping record by accountants for accounts receivable etc unfortunately i deleted the link to the video before i could peruse it can someone please direct me to the...
  9. N

    Youtube Query

    Can I post youtube videos here.. if so how to post it?
  10. S

    Flash videos cause Excel 2010 to crash but work fine in 2003 and 2007

    Hello, I've got a file that works just fine in Excel 2003 and 2007, but won't open in 2010. It's got a series of flash videos (via YouTube) embedded (about 10) and when Excel 2010 opens the file, it just hangs, and the status bar at the bottom says "Contacting the server for information. Press...

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