1. J

    Sum / Lookup formula -Query

    Hi, I have the below tables and I am trying to match back avalue from a separate product table & then output a calculation dependingon the value found. I have the below formula which looks fine to me but I cantfigure out why it only returns a 0 value. The formula should find Product...
  2. V

    Check and Capture first date not in order

    Hello, Have a column representing dates in order of months a security is in a portfolio. Some months the security is not in the portfolio. Would like a formula to capture the first month the security comes back in the portfolio after a break. Eg listed below the security is absent between Jan...
  3. I

    Copy paste entire row below the cell that contain specific word

    Good day to you all. As the title implies, I would like to copy entire row and paste it at the SAME WORKSHEET below the cell that contain specific word. For example, <tbody> A B C XXXXXX ABCDEFG/123456 YYYYY </tbody> I would like to change the above table to : <tbody> A B C XXXXXX...
  4. F

    If two values met, give third value

    Hello Newbie here, I require a formula for this please. I have 3 columns a,b and c. If the dates match in column b and c, then put value "ADO" in column A.:confused:

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