zero value

  1. H

    Macro for toggle zero value display

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to share a macro I created that will toggle the display zero values. It is a very simple code that will change the display of zero values. I created a button in the ribbon that will access the macro so I just need to press it instead of going to all the trouble (not...
  2. R

    Macro Help! Change Cell Color for Errors and/or Zero Values to White - Across Whole Workbook

    Hello Macro Wizards & Wizardesses... I have a very intricate workbook with several dynamic pivot tables, slicers, links, etc. I've applied conditional formatting to each sheet to handle turning the font color of cells containing either errors or zero values to WHITE which works great until I...
  3. W

    Reference sheet with a zero value issue

    I have a workbook that I use to track attendance for meetings, training's and a few specific duties. I have a worksheet for each individual I track where I put the totals each month. I have another sheet that references each individual sheet to give me a good overall view for all individuals...
  4. L

    Calculate average - ignore ZERO and N/A

    I have this equation that ignores N/A errors: {=AVERAGE(IF(NOT(ISNA(E4:E10)),E4:E10))} It is an array formula. I would also like it to ignore ZERO values. Thanks!
  5. C

    Date calculation with Zero *help desperately needed*

    Hello, Second time around trying to post this so if I've missed a detail please let me know. I was trying to use a max/min function to create a tiered if statement but am not having any luck. I'm open to any ideas and suggestions I am trying to determine whether inventory has been added...
  6. S

    3 Part Formula: returning a "0" instead of blank if there is a formula in the cell

    <tbody> Column A Column B Column C Course # Units # Units still needed Math 1 3 0 Math 2 4 0 Math 5 6 0 Math 3 5 0 Math 4 2 1 0 0 </tbody> I would like a formula in Column C to do 3 things: return "0" if column B is 3 or more, return a blank cell if there is no value in...
  7. C

    Odd behavior with PivotTable showing zero instead of the value

    Greetings. For a couple years I have been an avid visitor, but I just this moment registered, as the issue is still completely unresolved. Thus, my first post. (The only forum I trust about MS Excel on the Internet is this one. Mr Excel, you are wise and well-respected in my workbook. :) My...
  8. D

    Excel 2007: Not plotting first month with zero value without plotting all 12 months and changing months to Jan 12 times

    Having a problem with Excel 2007. Our fiscal year starts in Oct. I want to show all 12 months in the horizontal axis and only plot one dot at zero for Oct since we did not complete any projects for the month. Instead, it will be blank for all 12 months or will plot zero for all 12 months and...
  9. A

    Delete Sheets according to cell value

    Hi everyone, I am working on a project and I was a little confused how to do it with vba and lack of knowledge. Hope you guys can help me. I will try to explain the situation, I got an excel which has nearly 800 sheets and in sheet named "Summary" where B column has numbers from 100 to 799...
  10. P

    0% and No Value in charts

    i have a table which has values coming out of formulae e.g. A - 25.00% B - 0.00% D - #N/A E - No Value <tbody> serier formula calculated_value data1 data2 a =IFERROR(IF(F5="","",F5/G5),NA()) 25.00% <tbody> 1 </tbody> <tbody> 4 </tbody> b =IFERROR(IF(F6="","",F6/G6),NA())...
  11. L

    Multiplying with zeros formula help!

    Pretty new to excel so bear with me. Have to complete a table that responds to different values. I have a basic formula that is: =B18/B16*60 and i want it to be able to change in response to another cell and look like =(B18/B16*60)*B19. However I want B19 to be left as zero without making the...
  12. outlawspeeder

    Need to make zeros

    I am using execl to make a txt file. what I need to make is a 6 digit numer Int((100000 * Rnd) + 1) but if the number is less that 6 I need it to put zeros in front to make up the lead. If Print #1, Int((10000 * Rnd) + 1) returns 345 I need it to Print #1, 000345 Of course execl will kill...
  13. R

    Dynamic named ranges - anything above zero

    Hi, Is it possible to set up a dynamic range that expands across a number of columns when the data in those columns increases above zero? Thanks
  14. L

    Pie Charts - not including zero values

    I've been trying to make a macro that creates standard pie charts from rows of data. One pie chart to a row, and the columns have the different types of values. However I have many columns and in each row there will be many zero values in different columns, and because the pie chart includes all...
  15. T

    Hide row when a cell has a zero value

    Hello there, Apologies for posting this question when I see that similar questions have been posted elsewhere. Unfortunately, my knowledge of VB is very limited and I haven't been able to get the (seemingly very clear) responses to those other questions to work. I have a spreadsheet that is...
  16. M

    Pivot Table - Hide Rows with Zero Value

    Dear All, I am using Excel's pivot table function. How will I NOT show the row values that have zero or no values at all? Thanks! maeyks
  17. D

    Remove legend if value is N/A

    Hi all! Here to scoop up some of your help again =) =P I have a bar chart and a lot of it is blank because a lot of the values i have are n/a (so zero wont show) is there a way to prevent the cart d\from displaying data if it is n/a or 0? maybe a macro of some sort? Cheers yall! ;)
  18. P

    Copied logic test retuning a value of zero

    I am working on a spreadsheet that allows me to manipulate the payroll expenses for the sales force of a portfolio company and the formula does not want to behave. I created a logic statement with absolutes that produces a value of $3000. When this statement is carried over to the five...

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