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Nov 4, 2014
Inspired by Excel's timelineslicer I have the following cubeset:
<cdate(""2015-01-01"")))")[ code]

=CUBESET("ThisWorkbookDataModel";"Filter({[Appointment].[ScheduledStart].levels(1).Members}, ([Appointment].[ScheduledStart].CurrentMember.MemberValue>=CDate(""2013-01-01"") AND [Appointment].[ScheduledStart].CurrentMember.MemberValue'<'CDate(""2015-01-01"")))")
<cdate(""2015-01-01"")))")[ code]
It works perfectly - but I would like to replace the dates (2015-01-01) with a cell reference (containing the date) but I do not know how

Or other good ideas for how I make a cubeset containing all records from a month based on a fully date record.</cdate(""2015-01-01"")))")[></cdate(""2015-01-01"")))")
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Apr 29, 2014
how about =CUBESET("ThisWorkbookDataModel";A1;A2;...)

In cells A1, A2, ... you can just enter your dates 2013-01-01,... which should work in most cases (if these values are uniqe in your model). If not use a CUBEMEMBER formula for the dates in cel A1....

You could also use a Slicer for the dates and use =CUBESET("ThisWorkbookDataModel";Slicer_1) to select your periods
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