Good Excel Practical Jokes, Pranks, Mean Tricks, etc.

Chris The Rock

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A coworker of mine and me (he's a Board Master here) were talking about some mean things we could do using VBA . . . like pranks, practical jokes and the like. April Fool's kind of stuff.

Any ideas? Has anyone done anything like this?


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A good one to play on someone who you regularly send an excel file to (with macros in so that they do not become suspicious by the prompt) is to add in an auto open macro that contains an On Time call macro that pops up a message box warning them that XYZ virus has infected their machine...Please contact the Network Administrator Immediately...Wait until just after they have called the NT admin before alerting them to the prank...Then get out fast...


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I have a customer whose computer I regularly maintain, he is somewhat of a computer dolt, but thinks he is a whiz. On fixing one of his self created problems once, I got into one of his exel files and set it up so that when he selected a certian cells, a msg box would pop up and say something like, "Bill, we at microsoft have spent billions to perfect this software and make it as user friendly as possible, have you ever considered takeing a course or two on how to use it", or, "Bill, it is time that some one told you that you maybe should take this computer back to where you purchased it and try and get your money back, because you just arn't smart enought to use a computer". I have several cell set up within his main spread sheet that should keep him guessing as to what is going on for a long long time.


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How about having a macro that plays a paricularly loud and long wav file on entry of data into a particular cell - enough to cause panic in many colleagues when the boss is prowling about


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It's maybe my evil mind but I like this idea :D. I once set up a user on a Novell network to have to change their password daily and the password had to have at least 40 characters. I pleaded ignorance for about a week before owning up! I like the idea of various messages popping up when a certain cell is selected. Can anybody help me with the code for that , I'm just starting to learn VBA.

Thanks for the laughs.


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Going back and not particularly Excel related.

I once wrote a routing (c1991) into the MS-DOS Autoexec.Bat file to emulate the Format command without actually doning anything.

Luckily my boss was the author of the appliction being run and saw the funny side.


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What about this :
Put the following code in an excel file, copy the file to the XLSTART folder...
This could take days to find out...

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
End Sub


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Cool topic :)

I accidently did this to myself once, it took me too long to figure out why nothing was working....

Private Sub Workbook_Open()

Application.EnableEvents = False

End Sub


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