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Hi guys,
I managed to create connection from SSRS to power query, but our reports are slow and based on connection method I need to refresh PQ queries after Power Pivot connection,
is there some macro/ option how to do it without clicking at every query manually? And ideally without refreshing Power Pivot connection again as it takes a long time.

Here is the step-by-step manual for SSRS -> PQ connection, hope it will help, as I couldn't find anything similar online

SSRS => PowerPivot => Power Query

  1. Atomsvc datafeed, import from other sources in power pivot
  2. Basic authenthification
  3. Close Power Pivot
  4. Click on data => Existing Connections
  5. Double click on DataFeed
  6. Load to sheet
  7. Add to Power Query as Table/ Range


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I don't know your source data but in PQ is more services or from link to table in atomsvc, even other sources ;)


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Source of my data is sql reporting services, but i cannot get authentificated, when I try it through Odatafeed


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so this is a problem with authentication not with data

maybe try any SQL service (eg. sql server database)

there is no any golden solution so you need try and try and...
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