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This is a discussion on Attachments within the About This Board forums, part of the Other Forums category; new to the forum. can you add attachements to your posts?...

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    Default Attachments

    new to the forum. can you add attachements to your posts?

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    Default Re: Attachements

    The answer is 'No', but you can post small screen shots of your sheet(s). There are several methods. Here are 4 for you to investigate.

    MrExcel HTML Maker (HtmlMakeryyyymmdd) by Richard Schollar (Win)

    Forum Tools Add-In by RoryA (Win & Mac)

    Excel jeanie by Peter Haserodt (Win) [my favourite]

    Borders-Copy-Paste (Either)

    Test them in the Test Here forum before use in a main forum for the first time.
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    Hope this helps, good luck.
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    Default Notes on installing and using the MrExcel HTML Maker

    This HTML Maker was custom built for these forums by forum member Richard Schollar.

    Download the file from the link in the previous post.

    Installation Instructions:

    • Extract the MrExcel HTML Maker addin (.xla) from the compressed folder. You may need to download an extraction program such as WinZip.

    • Locate the Addin’s folder on your computer. If you are uncertain where it is, in Excel invoke the Addin’s dialog in Excel and click ‘Browse’. Note the default folder path.

    • Save the addin to the Addin’s folder.

    • Go to excel, invoke the Addin's dialog and locate the addin in the list. If it is not there then click browse and locate the addin. Place a check-mark beside the addin, if not already checked.

    • Once installed you will notice a new menu called ‘MrExcelHTML’. This appears in the worksheet menu bar for Excel versions 2003 and earlier, or within the ‘Add-Ins’ tab in Excel 2007 and more recent versions.

    Before you copy any table to a forum post, consider which of the default options you want to apply. On the MrExcelHtml menu, expand ‘Set Default Options’.

    • All Formulas – this option will generate a separate table showing every formula within each formula cell within the selected table.

    • First Cell Only – this option will generate a separate table showing the formula in the first cell that has a formula within the selected table.

    • First Cell In Each Column – this option will generate a separate table showing the formula in the first cell in each column that has formula within the selected table.

    • No Formulas – no formula table is generated.

    • User Defined Selection – this option will generate a table based on the pre-selected range, but allows you to choose which formula cells to display in the formula table.

    Using the MrExcel HTML Maker:

    1. Highlight the table range in your excel worksheet that you want to display.

    2. Go to the MrExcelHtml menu.

    3. If you are happy to proceed with your default option, click ‘Generate Html (use Default)’. If you want to use a different option then expand ‘Generate Html (specify option)’ and choose from one of the options listed above.

    4. The HTML Maker will generate the HTML and place it in your clipboard. Return to your forum post and paste it into the editor.

    5. Finish typing your question and hit ‘Submit’.

    There is also a YouTube video made by a forum member about how to install & use the MrExcel HTML Maker
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