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Thread: Print cell contents in a message box

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    I want to print the contents of a cell in a messagebox. However, the horizontal position changes: so A1, A2, A3. I have a var which speficief the horizontal number (form a for next loop)

    So, I have to paste some stuff together but I can`t seem tot get it to work.

    MsgBox cellcontents A & (horzizontal value which I get from the for next loop) is missing , vbCritical, "Uncomplete"

    anyone who can give me hand?
    Appreciate it.


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    Hi Remi,

    Firstly, since you mention "horizontal" component changes, I assume you really meant not A1,A2,A3, but rather A1,B1,C1? If this is the case then suppose you have named your "horizontal" (column) index iCol. Then

    MsgBox Cells(1,iCol) & " is missing" , vbCritical, "Uncomplete"

    If, on the other hand, you really meant to change the row rather than column (in which case your "horizontal" component is really "vertical", then

    MsgBox Cells(iRow,1) & " is missing" , vbCritical, "Uncomplete"

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    Yeah, sorry I was mistaking there.
    Hey thnanks for the help!


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