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Thread: Add values in an Array to compare

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    I have to compare the values of an array with a another value. How do you add items to an array using VBA Code? For example:

    Col A = Start #
    Col B = End #

    Cell A1 = 100, B1 = 200
    Nothing in Row 2
    Cell A3 = 300, B3 = 400
    Cell A4 = 500, B4 = 600

    Now I want to compare each Start # and End # with my Start # and End #. Any Help would be fabulous!

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    Declare two dynamic arrays for the two columns, which could be resized periodically with Redim Preserve:
    Dim MyArray() As Integer
    Redim Preserve MyArray(100)
    You could have used a two-dimension array but you cannot redim the array with preserve because only one array is going to preserve previous declared values.

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