Thanks so much for the code - Am pasting it here (thought I already sent this letter but I don't see it so I musn't have pressed submit)- It doesn't like lines 2 - 5. Are the underscores end of lines meant to be there? It also doesn't seem to like the colons/=.

Sub Activities()
If WorksheetFunction.CountA(Cells) > 0 Then
'Search for any entry, by searching backwards by Rows.
lastrow=Cells.Find(What:="*", After:=[A1],_
End If
EndofList = lastrow
ActiveCell.Offset(EndofList, 1).Range("A1").Select

End Sub

Now what do I do with the location= code you also included. Does that macro read the long one and then do it? If so, which one do I attach to a button, just the short one? Sorry to be so lame, am just learning all this and of course am in way over my head (thanks, Boss!)

Can you help me tweak this code? With the location= code you put, is that what I need and not a "select" thing? I am trying to select the rows of unknown number, then paste them into A1 of workbook B.

Grrr................. HELP!