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Thread: Creating function for cell

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    How can I change a working macro (sub) into one I can place in a cell? Such as SUM()???

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    You declare it as a Public Function. Instead of having it in a Sub, you would have it in a Public Function.

    for example, put this in a standard module:

    Public Function MySum(TgtRange As Range) As Long

    Dim Rng As Range
    Dim TempAns As Long

    For Each Rng In TgtRange
    TempAns = TempAns + Rng.Value

    MySum = TempAns

    End Function

    To use this function simply type in "=MySum(XX:XX)", where "XX:XX" is the range that you'd like to get the sum of.


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    Man, is my face red! THANKS...

    (is there a way to set when these functions are activated? I am monitoring the length of a table for a %, can I set it so it will run when the table length cahnges-- or is that not needed?)

    Again Thanks for the help...

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