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Thread: Bond Chart

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    Any Ideas on how to set up a bond chart to determine the cost of a bond when there is a different rate for different dollar increments? for ex my rate is .014 from $0-$500,000 then .007 from 500,001 to 1,500,000 then .006 from 1,500,001 to 5000000 etc etc etc

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    Well a good start would be HLOOKUP or VLOOKUP. I use the HLOOKUP to find pricing. Our pricing is based on the quantity purchased (and a few other things). So the first column has 999 and the price covers anything less than 1000. The next column has 2499 and covers 1000 to 2499. It turns out that only one quantity is necessary. Excel will return the correct data as long as the values are sorted.

    : Example "=hlookup(1250,B1:F1,2,FALSE)

    Search B1 to F1, return the value from second row down, and approximate match is fine.

    HTH get you started,

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