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Thread: How to protect collumn formula

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    I setup a formula for collumn, and I don't want anyone to change it.

    But I don't know how to setup it.


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    Safest way is to Protect your Sheet. Tools>Protection>Protect sheet. This will protect all "Locked" cells and all cells are locked by default. If you only want formula cells locked:

    1. Push Ctrl+A (selects all cells)

    2. Go to Format>Cells>Protection- uncheck "Locked" then you can also check "Hidden" if you want. This means your underlying formulas will not be visible.Click OK.

    3.with any single cell selected Push F5, click "Special" then check "Formula" and click OK. This will select all formula cells.

    4. Again go to Format>cell-Protection , but this time check the "LOcked" option.

    5. Protect your sheet.
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