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Thread: Need to increment a value in a list

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    I am new to macros/excel

    I am trying to use vlookup to increment (by 1) a value (using help in excel has left me frustrated beyond belief)in the next column

    ie list is

    bob 3
    mike 4
    carol 5
    steve 2

    = VLOOKUP(C1,myList,2,FALSE) c1 has "carol"

    so this returns 5 now I want to increment to 6 and place back into carol's row- this seems like it should be so very easy to accomplish and yet...


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    You mean that you want Carol's value to change to 6?

    If so, do you want to change that value to 6 in the MyList range? Or where? VLOOKUPs return values, the do not change values.

    ~Anne Troy

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    Exactly - I need to increase carol's number to six.

    Vlookup locates correct number now how can I refer to that cell (and change its contents to 6)?

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