I forgot to cut copy and pasting the last two lines of my function. So, here is the full code...
A Function to convert lower diagonal matrix into a symmetric full matrix.

This function displays #value if the matrix dimension is greater than 73*73! It works fine otherwise
Any pointers on why I am having problems would be great.

Function fullmatrix(matrix) As Variant
Set therange = matrix
nrows = matrix.Rows.Count
ReDim matrix(1 To nrows, 1 To nrows) As Double
Dim outp1() As Double
ReDim outp1(1 To nrows, 1 To nrows)
For i = 1 To nrows
For j = 1 To i
outp1(i, j) = therange.Cells(i, j)
For j = 1 To nrows
For i = j + 1 To nrows
outp1(j, i) = outp1(i, j)
fullmatrix_func = outp1()
End Function