sorry guys David Blaine has visit the site my post vanished???

Built in functions in Excel are the fastest excel can work faster FACT or my MCSE ill thow out the window, even deep nested multe pegged functions are, OK 65000 all copy paste to scroll in some basic 3 level vlookup on diff WkBk will blip before returning all results (longer on PI or PII) but still.

NOW Excels functions are basic and cover all the noraml stuff we need i know we all have an army of wants and bug Excel makes why no X or Z function but thats why UDF come in.

Chris,, to me function are limited by nature combinations are cool Dave and Aladin proove the scope on this one.

Cleaver programmes like Dave and Ivan have shown taht VBA allows something unique... can builds off the scope .. that is custom design the math.

as Juan said 20 Function V's 1 UDF i know what i want. But blending these give the resut so both work so well to gether.

I truly love UDF and will design them purley to comfuse the idiots i work with, so i knock up a script UDF to select ranges and convert or do whatever ie Jack_s_Convertion(Range) or Jack_VAT(....

Sorry guys you know i ll help anyone regardless, but i work with the !#@^*$*#^#*^)#^%!#)*%^*#!%^ *)^!*^*!@# who say thats rubbish!

Notice my name is there this function MUST be as that only the range can alter else it fails, me being awkward, normally cross. As the programmer i have the right to code however i feel this i do, not that im much good at it.

I dont feel we can really answer fully these post.. but its intresting we all agree and disagree withh each other (how cool is that)

Dave says It may well look a lot shorter and be much more user friendly but it is rare that it would be as efficient

This is why i love em, cuts out the agro of complex a simple Chris(Range) will do all we need so simple all hidden back door like.

If im honest i would only use UDF seems now not called Named range as the post moves on.. unless it CUSTOM not covered by Excel function... unless you decide you want to, like me i hate no VAT... or TAX function... different arround the world, so can i not VBA UDF the code and User form to select currecny and range or cell select the amount?? im the user up to me or not>>>>

Yout call chris.. these guys have told you straight and given examples.. play with them.. and learn i have the hard way but tip my hat to Dave Ivan Juan and Aladin for allowing me to question and say BUT I WONT to then i get proved wrong and i learn..

my call is combine the VBA and functions than you rule Excel and can do all you ask, subject to skills of cause..

Fuctions do the nut cracking VBA do the trick custom stuff, combine em..

most of all have fun!

BTW I know who wins in Brazil !!!! My boys want Hackenan??? so they will be Hackenan in the predictions, what it like to be 5 and 6 ah! Cheers friends...
So beers on you mate!