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    In Excel 2007, I am trying to create an aimline (not a trendline) that "stretches" across the variable chart dates (I have an =OFFSET with named ranges for dates and #correct), with up to 50 possible entries for each. The chart is of student reading fluency scores, ie. we record the date and the # of words correctly read. The aimline would be the minimum score a student at that grade level would be in the FALL to the SPRING minimum (ie. Fall would be 84 for a 3rd grader; Spring would be 76). With the dates being highly variable, not sure how to handle this one!

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    Hi and welcome to the board.

    I'm not entirely sure what you're asking for - I think you want to put a target line on your chart? If so, this page from Jon Peltier's site should help you. (His blog entry from the following day shows how to do a non-static target, if that is more useful.)

    If that's not what you want, please post back with more details.

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    Hi, thanks for the reply. I figured it out; I needed a begin/end date. Thanks so much!

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