I have very little understanding of macros and would appreciate any help you can offer. This macro would save me so much time that any help is greatly appreciated. Here's what I need.

I have a Table of Contents which is the first page in my workbook. Lets say it starts with only one chapter(A1) in the book and has a blank below(A2) to type the next chapter.

Question 1.
When I type in the blank row(A2) I would like it to automatically add a blank row below it(A3) that is formatted a certain way and is partially filled out.

Question 2.
When that blank row(A2) is filled in, I would like it to create a new sheet from a template.

Question 3.
I would like the new sheet to be altered so it automatically references cells in this new row that was just created.

If you would like a copy of my worksheet so you can have a better understanding please let me know by e-mailing me at brianguy132@hotmail.com