I was wondering if I can get some help creating a macro. Here's the scenario...

I have a couple hundred folders with a couple different folders in each one of these. Each one of these folders uses the same naming convention.

IE: The first folder in the Tree is SBX - Group 1
open it and it gives you folders named simply 344-498 and then 3249,3275,3291,3301,3344,3348,3349,3351, and 3366. Once these are opened, it contains usually up to 4 more folders. I need a macro to go through this tree, then specify a folder named " the # of the folder (above) QSI ab" ie, 344 QSI ab. Then I need it to open the folder and print 5 specified tabs from the spreadsheet. "Work Order, Work Completion Checklist, Store Plan, Photos, and Pre-Invoice", close that spreadsheet and then move on to the next folder.

Almost forgot, in addition, one of the tabs that needs to be printed "Work Completion Checklist", needs to be resized to fit on one page. Some are already sized to this spec though, and some are not...

Can anyone help me with this? This macro can be used again and again if I can also edit the specifications of the folders (named by the numbers...)