1. Please_H

    Gregorian Period 100-1900 and Aging

    Dear All, Just like my previous inquiry i have a set of Data on the early Gregorian years starting from 100-1900. What is the best way to make the excel understand and format them under dd/mm/yyyyy and do an aging with =today() Thank you.
  2. K

    =today() returns date of 00/01/1900

    Hi everyone I'm using Excel 2003. I have a spreadsheet which contains an =today() function. When I view the spreadsheet it correctly displays today's date and updates each day as you'd expect. When my colleague opens the same spreadsheet on her machine, the today's date function is not...
  3. N

    1904 and 1900 date systems

    Hi all, I'm having trouble with the Date System. In the same spreadsheet, it seems I need the 1904 system for displaying negative time values, however, this date system corrupts other time values fetched on a PivotTable (using sum calculation), which work as expected using the 1900 system...
  4. L

    Chart date labels are 1900

    I am working with a line graph and cannot get the x-axis labels to correctly display the dates in a yyyy format. If I try in a line graph, they simply stay mm/dd/yyyy format, when I tried in a scatter plot, the dates were displayed, but all having the year 1900. It appears that the dates are...

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