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    Conditional Formatting Multiple Criteria

    I want to apply conditional formatting to column M based on the wavelength in column G. I do not want to compare it to the actual wavelength but a criteria based on the different wavelength. So 1310 would have have max value of .4500, 1550 would have have a max value of .2500 and 1625 would have...
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    ClearContents Macro based on cell text value AND satisfy conditional formatting FORMULA

    I have extensive conditional formatting for an area on a (sheet) named "Data". I need to learn "how to", leave the conditional formatting alone, and on-demand... run a macro to ClearContents of ANY specific cells within the Range("AI101:AM" & lastRow) BUT ONLY when TWO conditions are met...
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    What is the best way to look up 2 text criteria and return a number answer

    Hi I have to use a daily report to pull in the figures onto a overall spreadsheet. One of the problems are the section heading will vary I might not always have the same headings e.g. i might not always have anything under golf balls shipped <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody>...
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    Vlookup based on 2 conditions

    Hi, I am looking to do a vlookup based on 2 conditions and have no idea how to do it. At the moment I am doing a vlookup on a cell in column A and it is producing a particular value, the problem is that this cell appears a few times in column A. So what I need to do is lookup the cell in...
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    count values of a condition, based on values of another condition in separate column

    my question: in cell U2, im trying to return a value based on: Where column Q = "R" Count "*RWRK*" in column N end statement

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