2 way lookup

  1. K

    2 way Lookup array formula with Duplicates

    Hi All, I am am performing a 2 way lookup within the array below, based on "Month" and "Name", to return the intersecting value/blank. This works fine, however I need it to return the last value if the "name" Column has a duplicate. (For March I want Jane to display 150, instead of " - ")...
  2. M

    Two way lookup for text from different sheet

    I have been go crazy trying to figure this out... I hope someone can help! I have a data table that I need to populate from worksheets submitted from various departments. The challenge is that each department uses differing systems, so the table that I need to assimilate the data into...
  3. L

    index match with the lookup column having ranges

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I am trying to do a 2 way lookup using index match. The first part of the match will be to the column A2:A10 where the values are arranged in ranges. A2 would be 1-5, A3 would be 6-10, A4 would be 11-15 ect. So I can't seem to make it work but I think it...
  4. W

    Creating a table, from a list, with two variables

    So here is the challange.... Below is a portion of the table I am using. FormID is a number that duplicated for each of the unique Element Names. There are 30 different fields that the Element names could be (name, phone No, etc). If you start NEW WORKSHEET and create a table (FormID in the...
  5. N

    2 way lookup with varying row/column headers

    Hi All, Guess the title sums it up but need to have a macro that will return a value dependent on the row and column. Accept a sime Index/Match/Match set up will handle this, however, the row headers and columns might be in different row and columns as the sheets from which the data is...
  6. I

    Kind of a 2 Way lookup but not really

    Hi, I have a workorder that looks like this: <table style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 749pt;" width="978" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><col style="width: 129pt;" width="172"> <col style="width: 20pt;" width="26" span="31"> <tbody><tr style="height: 13.5pt;" height="18">...

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